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Making a Difference at Catholics in Action

Grade School Students Study GlobeCatholics in Action is a public charity qualified under IRS code as a 501(c) to receive tax-deductible bequests, devises, transfers, gifts, or other types of charitable donations. More than just a public charity, Catholics in Action is an advocacy group calling for a consensus process in matters of far-reaching impact essential to the long-term viability of the Catholic Parish Community. We believe that consensus encourages participation, participation breeds creativity, creativity inspires stewardship and stewardship unifies us in the growth of our faith and parish community.

The mission of Catholics in Action is to provide an organizational structure with a forum from which we can unite to advocate for consensus.  Additionally, we have a passionate belief in the importance of a Catholic Day School as the life’s blood of our parish.  To this end, we have initiated a plan that seeks to benefit and preserve Divine Mercy Grade School in South Milwaukee.  Our strategy includes…

  • Raising donations
  • Soliciting grants
  • Building an endowment fund to secure the financial stability of Divine Mercy Grade School
  • Encouraging families with children enrolled, alumni, and other community supporters to offer their stewardship gifts of time, talent, treasure and prayer
  • Providing a conduit between the parish and the school
  • Establishing scholarships for ongoing secondary Catholic education
  • Advocating a consensus process in making decisions essential to long-term viability

We invite you to actively participate in our advocacy group and our ongoing educational initiative by donating today. You can either…

  • Subscribe to Catholics in Action and become a member. The $35 annual fee is tax deductible.
  • Make a donation, also tax deductible.

Would you like to address a specific need at Divine Mercy? Got an idea to contribute? Contact us.


Grade School Needs…

Our children deserve a well-rounded Catholic education, and you can help make this possible.

Divine Mercy Grade School has ongoing needs…

  • learning resource teacher
  • building
  • renovating
  • classroom books and supplies
  • scholarships
  • future financial security

…all of which need your support.







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